Sweden, Finland and Estonia to jointly assess new information on 1994 sinking of MS Estonia The bow door of the Estonia is lifted from the sea … For 25 years, the On the night of September 27-28, 1994, the ferry MS Estonia, carrying 989 passengers between Tallinn and Stockholm, sank in the Baltic Sea, hit by hard weather and winds measuring 9 on the Beaufort scale, which caused enormous waves. A ghostly silhouette looms in front of the camera. MS Estonia, previously Viking Sally (1980–1990), Silja Star (1990–1991), and Wasa King (1991–1993), was a cruise ferry built in 1979/80 at the German shipyard Meyer Werft in Papenburg.The ship sank in 1994 in the Baltic Sea in one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century. A total of 852 people drowned when the passenger and car ferry MS Estonia sank in Finnish waters in the early hours of September 28, 1994, while en … The Baltic ferry Estonia, en route from Tallinn to Stockholm with some 1,000 passengers and crew on board, sank on September 28, 1994. The ship sank in Finnish waters, in just one hour, near the island of Utö, in the early hours of 28 September 1994, while en route from Tallin to Stockholm. In 1997, investigators said the accident was caused by the bow door of the ship being wrenched, allowing water to enter the car deck. Shortly after midnight, two concussions rocked the ship. The MS Estonia sank into the Baltic Sea between Estonia and Sweden. The ferry quickly listed to starboard and sank into the frigid Baltic Sea in less than 45 minutes under circumstances which can only be described as mysterious. 'Estonia is the most successful state in central Europe,' declared President Meri, in an interview with the Independent on Sunday at his brick and stone mansion outside Tallinn on Friday night. On the 28th of September 2020, a Swedish documentary called Estonia–The Find That Changes Everything made headlines around the world when they claimed to have found new evidence on the 26-year-old case of the sinking of the MS Estonia.. On the 28th of September 1994, The MS Estonia, a cruise ferry operated by Estline, sank while crossing the Baltic Sea on route from Tallinn to Stockholm. A mayday call was released shortly after midnight, but when the rescue mission commenced, it was only possible to save 137 lives. The Disaster When the Estonia embarked in September 1994, it was a passenger ship with a flawless service record. A total of 852 people drowned and 137 survived. After midnight, in the first hours of September 28, 1994, the ferry Estonia foundered in the waves of a Baltic storm. Following the MS Estonia ferry sinking, one of the deadliest accidents in European waters, Sweden would give permission for an underwater examination of the shipwreck.

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